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       Hello Tea Drinking Friends!
TEAtitudes  (Beatitudes) is a collection of Tea Gifts that are both Inspirational and Friendship Fun. As you can see from this side bar, quite a few changes are planned. Some changes have already been made. Others will be made in the coming months. Thank you for being so patient. Grandma 

No shopping cart here. If you have questions or are ready to order, send me an email with your phone number and I'll call you back and chat.   

2017: New products, changed products and some discontinued products. Change is a part of going forward. Please forgive the messiness while I make changes. Thank you.

George Ann's Fun Teatime Jewelry

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Tea Mug w/Teapot Card

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New Card from Pam

The Question always is: Why don't you have a Shopping Cart?
I made a decision a long time ago not to have a Shopping Cart. I'm an Old School person who likes to know her customers. Send me your phone number and we'll chat. By the way, I am modern enough to accept credit cards.

Thank you so much for supporting my efforts here as well as at and I appreciate your words of encouragement as well as your business and count myself fortunate to be able to serve you with my gifts and talents. I hope you will enjoy visiting and using my Teapot Rescue site. 

Grandma Rae


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