Hello Tea Drinking Friends!

TEAtitudes was launched in 2011 as a  collection of Tea, Faith & Friendship Gifts for us Tea-Girls. Since it's launch the site has changed many times and it's changing again.

One day I realized the aging process had happened and had given me one speed. Quite a realization. I chose to assess adjust and advance...

My decision was to bring TEAtitudes items to the Grandma Rae site. That way I would be able to have just as much fun with 1/3 less web-work.

EVERYTHING that was here
is now at GrandmaRae.com

My hope was to make my web-work less your browsing easier.


One from the Bible
One from Grandma Rae
Thank you for your encouragement through the years. I look forward to serving you today, tomorrow and in the future at GrandmaRae.com 

Grandma Rae