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Because I appreciate you and your business -
A "Thank You" Gift accompanies each purchase.
Saying Good Bye to ... 

I've decided to discontinue these items to make room for something else.
Enjoy the savings.

Stacked Tea Cups Note Pad - $2.50 ea

Sometimes you NEED a piece of paper!
Cute little note pad has a smooth cover and 224 lined pages.

Size is 4 1/8" by 5 7/8" H

Only three remain

 "Blessed" Tee Shirts - $5.50 each

Pam Coxwell's design. Size Large. 

Only four remain

Cute Little Tea Party Favor Tins

I have about 100 of these tins ready to be decorated. Gosh! I'm not sure when I'll get to them.
If you think you would like some plain ones to decorate for a Tea Party, Girl's Club, Bible Study or Craft show, please let me know. You may have them for $0.25 each.


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