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Wonderful Handmade Felted Hats
As much as I love these hats....
When they are gone, they are gone

Now 50% discount

My friend Diane has a sheep farm...yes, a sheep farm. These hats are made from the wool she gathers from the sheep she raises. She cleans and spins the wool, makes the yarn, knits the hats and and then felts each hat. Diane is a wonder. If you'd like different colors, please ask. These hats are are wonderful! Yes, at sometime in the future she'll send me other styles. Questions? Ask

Bowler $55 

Such a wonderful hat! It's such fun with the bright red flower. The Bowler's rim is rolled up tightly. Measuring from the curve of the brim to the other edge curve it's 11 1/4" and when I stood the hat on the table and measured from the table to the top of the bowl. It's 5 3/4" tall. Measuring around the inside brim it's 23 1/4". Yes, you can change the flower for another color if you'd like.

Victoriana $65
The brim on the Victoriana is a bit larger on the side with the flower cluster than the other. This brim is not rolled up like the Bowler but is flatter, it shades the eyes a bit; a scant 2" to 2 1/4" wide. The flower cluster is on the wider side. Victoriana is also about 11 1/4" across from one edge of the brim to the other. I stood the hat on the table and measured from the table to the top of the bowl. It's 6" tall. The hat's shape is such that it could be pushed down into a beret kind of look.  Measuring around the inside brim it's a bit over 18" which fits Diane's head. If you need it larger, Diane told me how to steam and size it OR she can make another. Whichever you'd like.

Cloche $55
I love the color of the Cloche! Yummy. Cloche hats have no brim.  I stood the hat on the table and measured from the table to the top of the bowl. It's just over 5" tall. This one was made to Diane's hat size as well and can either be steamed and sized or made again in the same or different color. Whichever you'd like.

  Questions? Ask me at

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